About us

Level Pro” was founded as wholesale company for soldering equipment and other ESD related equipment. Currently we cooperate with more than 5000 worldwide known brands. We also work directly with OEM manufacturers, so we are able to also process custom requests from customers. Our range and expertise now covers a massive product range - you will find electronic components, soldering tools, industrial and automation products, test equipment, also - various specific measurement tools, including dataloggers, environmental test equipment and laboratory/ESD equipment. Our customers are industrial manufacturing companies, government and scientific institutions, small and medium busineses.

If you are electronics/DIY enthusiast/hobbyist - you will definitely also find something in our product range - soldering equipment from entry level to professional (HAKKO), various microcontroller, robotics related supplies (we stock world famous SparkFun, POLOLU, Arduino and much more)

Our extensive experience working with OEM factories and extended supply chain allows us to design and implement complicated customer solutions, based on customer requirements - we offer our services to manufacturing companies, scientific facilities, R&D companies.